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Living water: Salvation stories give courage

1. Mr. Pfaffenhuemer, you are an active member of the new association Quellen des Leben e.V. What made you decide to join the association? Are you one of those people who are looking for the “right" concepts of life? What drives you?

I joined the association “Quellen des Lebens” with great pleasure because I like to deal with like-minded people, together in a team, with the most important questions in life: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? How can I keep my body, soul and mind healthy and well into old age? What are the main sources in my life? I have been dealing with drinking water since 1987, when I started my first projects in Austria in the field of occupational health promotion in large, medium and small companies. The main questions have not changed since then: what causes illness,
old age and death? What can I do to stay healthy, vital and productive – also with a view to successful individual prevention? This also includes the questions: What do I drink every day? What do I eat every day? How do I get more balance, more satisfaction and more inner and outer peace? And as a father, I accompany my 4 daughters into the middle of their life and look forward to their positive development! And I am grateful for this abundance of life and like to bring my experience to the new association … in words and deeds.

2. Which sources of life do you personally prefer, which of these sources would you like to deal with?

My main source is the love message from Jesus Christ. I am trained on the basis of Ignatian spirituality as a spiritual companion and have been accompanying people and teams in companies and organisations for years through their crises to their goals. I find further sources in daily meditation, in daily physical exercises, in every encounter with more or less pleasant people, in nature, alone and / or with my wife Kordula, with dear friends and also animals (e.g. our dog Robin, my personal health coach) and of course with music, dancing, hiking, cycling, running, swimming, and much more.

3. In the association, you are currently looking after people who tell stories of how things couldn’t be more wonderful. It is about stories in connection with water sources, which should have a special healing effect. What are your goals with this project?

Many people know salvation stories from their personal environment: I’m thinking of personal salvation experiences. Every crisis / illness that is dealt with positively has its own history of salvation. Every disease in the world has been cured at some point, somewhere, and somehow. Salvation stories encourage and bring hope and confidence. I once analyzed all 26 miracle stories of Jesus in the 4 Gospels. I found the recurring question of Jesus very exciting:
“What do you want me to do to you?" This requires clarity from the person concerned. No cure without clarity! For millennia, myths, fairy tales and stories have been helping to get more clarity. Not only children need fairy tales!

4. Are these stories quantifiable and, above all, qualitatively documentable and verifiable? What is the value of such “source stories?

Yes, source stories can be documented and verified qualitatively and quantitatively! That is one of the main tasks of our project. We are looking for people who have something to tell. We hear, see, feel, smell and taste – holistic perception with all senses!

5. Can you give a clear example?

Yes, gladly: Some time ago I gave a lecture in the Museumsquartier in Vienna in front of about 150 office managers, about “living water" followed by “water tasting and a sensor test". A lady then said:“A few years ago I was with you at a water tasting. They recommended that I drink 1 liter of Aqua Sola daily from the waters of St. Leonhardsquellen for the next 3 months. I did that and lo and behold: all critical values had harmonized and normalized within 3 months! I already had an appointment for my thyroid surgery, I was able to cancel it with confidence and I still have my thyroid today … and it still works perfectly. ”This is such a salvation story which we are looking for. This once again confirms the thesis: “Your body is not sick, your body is thirsty!"

6. You are pursuing this project in cooperation with other association members. What does your project plan look like in detail?

Our project team sends signals to the public – as in this post – and we then we wait for a response. The stories find us! We collect these stories, conduct interviews on site, evaluate these stories and publish the essence of these stories across all available media.

7. Which sources will you focus on? Are you interested in special waters? Artesian spring water?

The most important focus is of course the living water, also known as artesian water – there are over 150 holy Bründl in Upper Austria alone. There are several hundred holy Bründl in the entire Alpine region. The artesian water that originates from these sources has small clusters and short molecular chains and thus very high cell availability.

8. How do you achieve a scientific standard when evaluating the stories? In other words: Do you want to put individual user stories on a scientific test bench? Is that possible?

Yes, that’s possible – scientific standards are very important to us – as a former lecturer at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, I learned very well how to work scientifically. All of our team have the knowledge to create clean scientific papers and studies. But always in a holistic scientific sense. You see, 500 years ago there were scientists who were convinced that the earth was flat. Other scientists thought the earth was a sphere – they were outlawed at the time, had to withdraw their statements or were even burned at the stake. And today we are experiencing a similar situation in the field of conventional and holistic medicine – only the means have changed. Nobody is burned at the stake anymore, but livelihoods are still being destroyed today, there are countless examples. The pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry today funds scientists, studies, journalists,
marketing experts and lawyers to convince people that every new, unconventional and simple truth is humbug and esoteric. Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, a paradigm and perspective change is recognizable and I say: “Who heals is right!" Specifically to us: In our association we have various high-ranking doctors and water researchers who can certainly provide us with good quality analyzes.

9. How do you want to reach the public with this project?

We reach the public via all communication channels that are available to us today: scientific articles in specialist magazines, books, films, DVDs, CDs, discussion forums on platforms in social networks, our own homepage, specialist lectures, water symposia, events. Also training for doctors, naturopaths, prevention experts. Actually for all health professions.

10. Don’t you need a number of contemporary witnesses to tell you their water stories? How will you find them?

Yes, we are looking for authentic eyewitnesses who tell us water stories and are also willing to step up to the curtain, stand by their stories and also give these stories a face. And you know, we trust that these stories will find each other…. We, from the “Sources of Life” association are ready to receive them. And one thing is very important to us; Quality comes before quantity! Maybe we’ll find our source narrators in this magazine too. Every story is welcome. And of course these stories will be checked.

Source: FLIEGE | Lebens|t|räume Magazin October 2015 issue