Everyone can help


„Your body is not sick, your body is thirsty!“
according to Dr. F. Batmanghelidj

Interview with Dr. Johannes Pfaffenhuemer, Austria's acclaimed water expert and exponent of the 5 elements of Prevention (earth, water, fire, air and order of love)

How does the source of life on our planet look?

Basically good, there is enough water! At the same time, however, we should worry about the calamity about increasing population every day. Currently, many people are moving from war zones to wherever they can find clean water and thus better living conditions.

What is Water of life?

In times when healthy water cannot be taken for granted, more and more people value water of the highest quality. It is of central importance for health, vitality and well-being. It is therefore very important to pay attention to individual water quality. We deliver precisely this quality water with high cell availability “from the source to the table!"

You have acquired decades of knowledge in the field of health and an environment worth living in, how did that come about?

Since 1985 I have been developing and helping corporate health projects across Austria, with productivity potential in more than 200 companies. Today, society, politics and business are becoming increasingly involved in a new awareness of health through prevention. This confirms my great commitment to holistic health and a 5 element prevention: high quality organic food / EARTH, living WATER, epigenetics / FIRE, optimal indoor climate / AIR, and the order of LOVE. The implementation of better living conditions and networking on an international level in the field of well-aging have become my life's purpose. Our VISION: “A WASH project every day (Water-Sanitary-Hygienic) for our world!"

How can we understand corporate health?

The best guarantee for successful companies are happy, vital and healthy people who like to
come to the company and work enthusiastically. I have accompanied many companies on their way to greater productivity through holistic, psychosocial health development and prevention.

Are you still active in management consulting or business coaching?

Yes, all my projects are about vital people! When I give lectures on the 5 elements prevention and epigenetics in Vienna, Berlin, Zurich and Prague, I also accompany corporate health projects, organize water tastings at symposia or set up networks with my well-aging team. In more than 50 countries, the main thing is prevention, maintenance and promotion of vitality and performance. And this also increases individual and collective productivity. Healthy people, in healthy families and health-conscious companies and organizations for a healthy society are the goal and principle of our joint activities.

What is the basis of a statement that the body is not sick but thirsty?

“Your body is not sick, your body is thirsty!" Wrote the Iranian doctor and alternative medicine practitioner Dr. F. Batmanghelidj in 2003. Some time ago I gave a lecture in the Museumsquartier in Vienna to about 150 managers about this and other themes, “Living Water". Then a lady answered and said: “I was present at one of your water tastings a few years ago. Since I had problems with my blood values and was about to have a thyroid surgery, you recommended that I drink 1 liter of Aqua Sola daily from the waters of St. Leonhardsquelle for the next 3 months. I followed that advice and my values harmonized. I still have my thyroid today and it works flawlessly. “It is precisely such personal salvation experiences that confirm this theory by Dr. Batmanghelidj. Yes, we are looking for such salvation stories – please write to me!

What is your well-aging network all about?

Mother Nature wanted that everything is subject to an aging process. The still young science of epigenetics is concerned with the aging of the cells. This process is slower for some people, faster for others. This aging process can be counteracted healthily by providing the cells with the healthiest nutrition. Our body is 70% water, we should therefore supply it with the best possible food or nutritional supplements in addition to quality water. Quality waters are artesian waters that originate from hundreds of sources in our Alpine region. Due to the small clusters and short molecular chains, these have a high cell availability and thus optimally nourish our smallest building blocks in our body. Scientific studies show that a healthy endothelium (thin layer of cells) contributes to slowing down the aging process by up to 14 years.

What is your 1000 well project about?

Everyone can help, because everyone on our planet should have safe access to clean drinking water. That is why it is my goal to have a daily WASH project (WAter-Sanitary-Hygenic) in the poorest regions to finance our world! It is clear for implementation of this goal we need help from people, entrepreneurs and organizations to help us support it. A drinking water fountain costs approx. €2,000 – this amount has to be raised daily. I am happy about every contribution we receive. That is why donations and partnerships are very welcome!