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How important is water for my health?

Our human body consists of approx. 70 percent of water – approx. 3.5% of the body weight. We are born with over 80% water. When we die for example at the age of 80, our water content is reduced to 50-55%, which means that we lose 30% of water in the course of our lives. Water is vital for our organs and metabolic processes. For this reason, it is particularly important to have an adequate supply of water on a regular basis. A natural, full of life and mature spring water is particularly suitable for this. Dr. F. Batmanghelidj said this in 2003 in his lecture on the healing power of water – held at the “The Governmental Health Forum" in Warshington D.C. USA:

“Your body is not sick, it is thirsty!

Which water is best for me?

Our premium waters are natural, full of life and mature spring waters that combine original purity with quality and taste. It is predominantly artesian water. They come from deep alpine springs, crystalline or as glacier water and are absolutely pure. We have many solutions for you, whether for infants, athletes, seniors or simply to stay healthy and look even better.

Why is spring water the best for my health?

We call this the “balance of juices". About 70% of our body is made up of precious H2O molecules – water. It's no wonder that water is essential for our nutrition and health, but also for our beauty. Because the human body always needs valuable water to function optimally, it should be healthy – right down to the cells. Our spring waters are perfectly suitable for the organism due to their high cell availability. Studies show that a well-hydrated body and a healthy endothelium (the innermost cell layer of our blood vessels) can significantly extend our lives – even by up to 14 years.

Why does high quality water help me to look younger?

Tight skin, less hunger. Those who drink enough high-quality water will be rewarded with great benefits: detoxing of the body, hydration for the skin, less wrinkling, good hunger regulation and digestion, the stimulation of the organism and the lymphatic system – and many other effects that are necessary to keep the human organism healthy.

Is it the secret of youth and beauty?

Celebrities and VIPs are always in the spotlight. Of course, they try to keep a fresh and youthful appearance. Their “secret” is often very simple: water! High quality drinking water becomes a fountain of youth. Film and music stars, fashion icons and other public figures naturally attach great importance to maintaining their attractiveness for as long as possible. And in fact, many celebrities look amazingly young and vital even in their advanced years. If you ask them about their “Beauty Secret", you come across a pattern that has been tried and tested for a long time: good nutrition, lots of exercise, balance for the soul and sufficient supply of valuable high quality water: these are the decisive ingredients for their youthful appearance.

Can I drink from a ‘fountain of youth’?

The dream of the “fountain of youth" is as old as mankind. We almost all strive to live vitally and beautifully for as long as possible. Are you longing for a “magical drink” that allows you to keep the side effects of aging at bay for as long as possible? Part of the realization of this dream is already in the chosen word ‘fountain of youth’: a bubbling spring, a fountain that supplies us with crystal-clear, wonderful water – and ideally with incomparable life energy and beauty. In fact, water has numerous physiological functions: water regulates and stabilizes the metabolism, it is important for the moisture balance and a youthful appearance of the skin and also contributes significantly to an optimal functioning of the digestion.

Where do I find my Life Elixir water?

In fact, there are hundreds of springs in our Alps from which artesian waters rise from deep layers of rock. Due to their small clusters and short molecular chains, they have high cell availability. Scientific research shows that a well-hydrated body and a healthy endothelium (the innermost cell layer of our blood vessels) extend our lives. Well-being increases, the aging process is slowed down. On our website, health-conscious water lovers can easily and comfortably find exclusive, limited spring water treasures because it is our most important task is to give you the opportunity to enjoy natural, exclusive, quality water. Whether in the BIO organic market or directly from us online – we are here for you whenever you want to enjoy healthy, fresh, pure and unpolluted spring water.

How does the water come to me at home?

Thanks to our sophisticated logistics concept, you can get your order anywhere in Austria extremely conveniently to your door. And with just one click on our homepage.

Which quality source do you especially recommend?

We recommend different brands of spring water. All come from the best sources in the world, are unencumbered, free of chemical additives and support the vital functions of the body particularly well. They form the best basis for optimal nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The spring waters of the St. Leonhards springs from the foothills of the Alps, the 120,000-year-old ICEIS glacier water from Iceland and, in the future, the crystalline primary rock water from the Mühlviertel are particularly notable for their beneficial health-promoting effects.

Who and what is a Water Sommelier?

The initiator and founder of “Water of Life", Dr. Johannes Pfaffenhuemer is a sought-after public health expert for prevention and drinking water. His organization specializes in the dissemination of information and the distribution of first-class water from high-quality sources. As part of water tastings, participants are invited to feel “their personal” water with the help of a SENSORIK TEST. Only through a direct comparison can we feel that there are also differences in quality and taste in water.

Take the test, it's a great experience.

How do I find my personal water?

As part of water tasting with the help of a SENSORIK TEST.

Each participant perceives individually – even with their eyes closed – whether the water flows and which of the different types of water tastes best. Through a direct comparison, you can feel that there are also differences in quality and taste in water.

And this is how you find the best spring water for you personally. Our expertise enables you to gain pooled water knowledge. So you have the latest information: both online and here as well as offline in the context of lectures, water tastings, water symposia. So you can dive into the world of water with high cell availability, epigenetics, sensors and many other secrets, with and about the water at any time.

What is a Sensorik Test?

As part of water tastings, participants are invited to feel “their personal” water with the help of a SENSORIK TEST. The latest water knowledge is imparted by doctors, naturopaths, energy specialists, preventologists and scientists. The difference between the different types of water such as “table water", “spring water" and “medicinal water" is explained and the health effects of individual water are reported. This test provides information about the sensory diversity and the health effects of quality water. With an individual spring water tasting, you will experience the exciting and interesting aspects of quality water, among other fascinating things about the St. Leonhard springs.

What is Epigenetic?

Epigenetics is the science of cell aging. They researche the effects of environmental influences on our cells and genes. A fantastic phenomenon: Good genes can be “flipped" under optimal conditions. Epigenetics is still a very young branch of science that explains how environmental factors influence cell properties and the state of activity of genes. In fact, people are exposed to many environmental influences every day that influence the epigenetic mechanisms – the consequence of this can be an increased risk of various diseases.

What can I achieve with epigenetics?

Positive environmental influences such as a friendly environment, a stress-free life, healthy eating, exercise, adequate sleep, meditation, yoga and an optimally structured drinking water contribute to the control of good gene expression. A sufficient supply to the body of quality water with high cell availability contributes significantly to the harmonization of all processes in the body. Water is the main transportation and cleanser in our body. Within 24 hours, 1,400 liters of water flow through our brain and around 2,000 liters through our kidneys. With the help of water, oxygen and nutrients are transported to the cells via the blood and lymph vessels, as are metabolic waste products and toxins from the cells and connective tissue, away to the excretory organs.

“Dead water is stored, living water is flushed out!"

Dr. Johannes Pfaffenhuemer

Why is water from the Water of Life so unique?

Lively, mature spring water is the basis for a healthy life. Water is our life and Water of Life has a team of experts consisting of scientists, doctors, naturopaths, energeticians, preventologists, hydro geologists and many more, who work in the broadest sense for corporate health in the context of relationship and behavior prevention. The common goal is a healthy and vital life from a toddler into old age. Just as we assume personal responsibility for our lives in the long term, it is important for us to take responsibility for providing the number 1 source of nutrition, our drinking water, independently and on our own initiative. We therefore recommend that you only drink the best quality water with high cell availability. And our water sources are real treasures, exclusive and unique. We combine the highest water quality with easy access to limited exclusive quality brands such as the St. Leonhard springs, the Iceland Glacier Water ICEIS and the crystalline rock water from the Mühlviertel.

We are looking forward to receiving your questions!