Water of Life Loan

"... how we invest your money."

Acquisition of spring 211 in the Mühlviertel in Upper Austria!

The drinking water source 211 is located in the Mühlviertel, in Ulrichsberg in northern Upper Austria. This is high-quality water from crystalline at a depth of 211 m. Water of Life GmbH already owns the water rights for the next 27 years. In this way we can use 420 million liters of water from the Q211.

The quality of this water is high because it has been deposited with crystalline for many decades; it has low mineralization, is slightly basic and very soft. For example, source 211 is also suitable as baby water.

Construction of an innovative bottling plant in Upper Austria in a central location!

The business model of Water of Life GmbH is aimed at health and nature-conscious people in the constantly growing health and anti-aging market. This rapidly growing niche market includes the supply of high-quality drinking water from our own springs. “Water of Life” stands out from the competition thanks to its permanent market presence and the use of transport-optimized packaging (BIB–BAG in BOX). We stand for economical and ecological (ecological footprint: – 80% CO2 load) distribution.

Our financing concept for you

Since 2015, the previous expenses for the company and market development, including market presence and online shop, have amounted to EUR 600,000. These were provided by the shareholders of Water of Life GmbH.

In order to finance the next expansion steps, in particular the purchase and development of our own sources in Austria, the management invites investors to provide the company with capital of EUR 3,000,000 – for a limited period.

Your benefit from the source 211 of Water of Life GmbH

  • 7% interest p.a. for the invested capital with a maximum term of 5 years.
  • High-quality drinking water as the No. 1 food in the booming growth market of 50+ and anti-aging: With your investment you are helping to create a sustainable, individual source of income in the future market of water.
  • Premium quality water as a health product offers very good profit margins (compared to the competition). The trend towards pure spring water has been apparent for years with an annual market growth of 10 to 15%.
  • Still mineral water as a high-growth business area: Planned expansion in Europe and along the “New Silk Road" opens up new profit potential.
  • Beverage innovations that open up new customer segments and sales channels offer good returns. Direct customer contact creates high service quality and customer loyalty.

Current non-profit projects supported by Water of Life

  • 100 wells project in Cambodia
  • Water project at Lake Victoria in Kenya
  • Water tower in Paraguay

More information on the European Global Water Forum can be found at: www.egwf.world