The Water of Life participation model

“…for a better world!”

“Clean drinking water is a human right for us all – worldwide!"

Dr Johannes Pfaffenhuemer, Entrepreneur & CEO Water of Life GmbH

Water of Life delivers quality water from the best sources straight to the table!
Water of Life guarantees certified water quality!
Water of Life reduces CO² pollution by up to 80% through intelligent logistics!

Dear investors, ladies and gentlemen!

More and more people are paying attention to conscious nutrition – especially since the Covid 19 pandemic. Drinking water is our number one staple food. Our vision is to work together to bring high-quality, healthy water to everyone.

With the Quelle 211 from Water of Life you can participate in the future market “drinking water". Water of Life stands for health and prevention. We ensure quality water, purchase springs, use innovative bottling technology and bring water from the source straight into people's homes!

Dr. Johannes Pfaffenhuemer
Entrepeneur & CEO Water of Life GmbH

Water of Life is an owner-managed, ecologically and economically sustainable company that wants to be independent of large corporations and banks!

In order to strengthen our independence, we are going down the path of alternative financing. And more and more like-minded people are joining us on this journey. We cordially invite you to walk this path with us:

Invest in our company Water of Life, a company with high economic, corporate and social responsibility. We feel committed to the guidelines of CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility (ISO 26,000). Further information on our WASH projects (Water Sanitary Hygiene) can be found at – European Global Water Forum.

Invest in the Water of Life and contribute to the Water of Life. We would like to welcome you!

The remuneration – 7% interest per year – takes the form of a drinking water subscription (3%) in connection with a payment of the interest (4%) directly to your account.

This is the best opportunity to have our quality water – the No. 1 foodstuff – delivered directly from the source to your front door. Body and mind will thank you with the best of health!

Join us and support us so that we can achieve our corporate goals together. We look forward to mutual success! Let's go part of the way together for a better world – economically, ecologically and socially and ethically.